MH Replacement Bulbs 
Available in Three Sizes 


$59.99     400w MH Bulb  


$79.99     600w MH Bulb 


$99.99   1000w MH Bulb 




  • Metal Halide (MH) Bulb 

  • Metal Halide lamps revolutionize lighting for plant growth. 

  • Designed to provide a balanced light spectrum that replicates natural sunlight. 

  • Metal Halide provides requirement for vegetative growth, high initial and maintained lumen output. 

  • These metal halide bulbs feature special chemical compounds known as “Halides” that produce light in most regions of the spectrum. 

  • Metal Halide light bulbs offer high efficiency, excellent colour rendition, long service life and good lumen maintenance. 

  • With an output firmly in the blue spectrum, Metal Halide lamps are used almost exclusively for vegetative growth and are the method of choice for many expert growers looking for superior vegetative growth results. 

  • Ideally used as part of a two lamp method (Metal Halide for vegetative growth, High Pressure Sodium for flowering),  



HID lamps give off both high light levels and high heat so be aware of the impact on your grow room environment if you are considering using one 

MH Replacement Bulbs